The original bible did not contain homophobia, misogyny or the concept of hell: just the beautiful simple message of love.



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The Marcionite Research Library was originally set up by Daniel Mahar on Geocities. When Geocities shut down Daniel gave me permission to reproduce and expand the website. It has numerous articles about the Marcionites and their New Testament, as well as reconstructions of most books of the Marcionite Bible. is the website (still under construction) of Adrian Cozard, who recently completed a reconstruction of reconstruction of Colossians, and is working on other books from the Marcionite Bible.

Paul-Louis Couchoud is a scholar who argues that Marcion's version of the epistles of Paul was the original. In this article he compares several passages from the Marcionite scriptures with the equivalent passages from the traditional New Testament, showing evidence that the Marcionite version is the original in each case: The First Edition of the Paulina

The you-tube user Xoroaster has many interesting videos about the Bible and it's history. I particularly recommend his series on Bible Dating.

Vridar, at word press, has written several interesting articles about Marcion and the Marcionites, including:
Did Marcion mutilate the Gospel of Luke?
Dating Marcion early

Stuart Waugh's blog has extensive writings on the origins and development of Christianity.

NTChristians is a Yahoo message group. Common topics of discussion include the profound difference between the characteristics of the God "Jehovah" and those of the father of Jesus; Marcionite beliefs and the Marcionite bible. The group is an excellent place for open minded discussion and there are a number of people there who have extensive knowledge of this subject and are happy to discuss and provide information to anyone seeking to know more (including Carroll Bierbower).

Marcionite Church of Christ is a small Marcionite website. It has another (more reader friendly) version of the Marcionite Galatians.

There are two Facebook groups relating Marcionism and the Marcionite bible: Marcionite Christianity and Inner Light Missions.

Stephan Huller at Blogspot has written a fascinating article about the idea that Marcion may originally have been named Mark; which is also said to be the name of the author of the first synoptic gospel: Marcion as Mark

The Bet Emet Ministries website aims to assist in the revival of certain Gnostic ideas. It also discusses the Marcionite New Testament and argues that it is the original. Unfortunately most of the site's content is copied from other sources without attribution.

This article has more information about Marcion, and his influence on Christian history: Marcion

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